Tiny Ideas Festival: Babble

30th September 2023, 12:30 to 13:20 at The Story Museum , Pembroke Street, Oxford (120.9 miles)

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Mik and Kin need your help to soothe some naughty giggles!

Mik and Kin are sound collectors; boxes of their favourite sounds have been checked, all ready to take home. But the boxes are not behaving – naughty giggles slip through the cracks and are causing chaos. Storms are raging and the sounds are unleashed. Mik and Kin need your help to soothe the troubled storm with a lullaby and lure the giggle with new, enticing sounds. Your voices will help create a new & unique piece of music that you get to take home!

Babble is a theatrical experience for Early Years audiences. Part performance, part workshop, part recording session, Babble puts the voice of the child centre stage.

Ages 3-5